The Land of Ahmaris

The Adventure Begins

Introduction to the first session

Trade caravans have always been a prominent sight on the routes between Trestfall and Elcrest, a means to travel with safety in numbers through lands frequented by monsters. In decades past, knights and patrols from the Obsidian Order would provide protection along the route, but with members of the order slowly vanishing, merchants and travelers have turned to hiring guards, mercenaries, or adventurers to escort their goods.

Each of you has recently accepted an offer from a wealthy merchant in Trestfall, by the name of Willard Poppenmare IV. He secured a place for his trade cart in the latest caravan to set out, with goods bound for the distant village of Elcrest. It is a smaller cart, with a single ox to drive, and filled with small boxes of various yet unknown goods.

This particular caravan consists of three other trade carts, as well as two passenger carts. These passenger carts are much larger, with two levels for seating, each driven by a team of four oxen. Every cart has its own hired guard, ranging from mercenaries, private militia, to a small squad of individuals belonging to the Ravencry Guild of Marketh. While most of the guards have little prior interaction or association, each has gathered together under the common goal of earning a healthy profit from the escort.


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