Willard Poppenmare IV

Merchant, hiring for caravan guards


A wealthy merchant from Trestfall, being the owner and operator of Willard’s Wondrous Wares. He offers a wide variety of fine goods, ranging from exquisite clothing and fine silverware, to practical (though basic) weapons and armor, and everything in between. A firm believer in the mantra of “If I don’t have it, I will get it!”

Despite appearances, he comes across as a well-respected, talented businessman. His goods are purchased and shipped to destinations as far as Terenia to the west and Abalest to the north. He takes great pride in his rapid deliveries, and so recent troubles with trade along the Verdant Grasslands has led him to increase both the number of guards attending his many trade carts.

Not desiring a ragtag mercenary band, nor wishing to spend a fortune hiring the members of the Ravencry Guild, he placed out an offer on various boards throughout Trestfall, eager to hire any passing adventurers.


Willard Poppenmare IV

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